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Exclusive Dog Food

For those of you who missed the start of the first Facebook Live, my name is Margo Manziel and I’m with PMI Nutrition. So, we manufacture three different dog foods. One of which is Exclusive dog food which you see behind me, the Infinia line which is above me, and over here to the side we also have our Red Flannel diets as well. But today we’re going to talk about Exclusive.

So the big thing with Exclusive dog foods is that they’re completely wheat-free, soy-free, and the majority of the diets are corn-free as well. These diets are available only at your local Purina dealer. Today, we’re at Spring Creek Feed Center where they also offer a “buy 8, get 1 free” on the Exclusive line of dog food. But, it’s an easy to do frequent buyer program because you don’t have to keep up with any of the cards or anything like that. They’re going to take care of that for you here at Spring Creek Feed Center. So again, you’re just going to come in if you’re interested in trying the Exclusive line of dog foods, make sure you grab your bag or let them know and they’ll load it for you, and they’ll get you started on the frequent buyer program. Again, this is one that you don’t have to keep up with yourself, they’re going to take care of that here at the store and it’s a “buy 8, get 1 free.”

So, let’s talk about the Exclusive for a minute. We have several different products available. One of which is going to be the Exclusive Lamb and Rice All Life Stages product. So this is going to be a lamb and brown rice diet. It’s meant for like I said all life stages, so that can be anything from a puppy all the way up to your senior dogs. It’s going to be taken care of really well with the Exclusive Lamb and Rice.

We also have Exclusive Chicken and Brown Rice diet. It’s for adult dogs. So we would say this is for a dog that’s a year of age or older. We also have them available in 15-pound bags and 30-pound bags as well.

We do have a healthy weight adult dog food. So if you have a dog that’s a little bit on the chunkier side or they just really love their food a lot so we want to watch their weight and their calorie intake, then we do have the Exclusive Healthy Weight diet available for them.

If you have a new puppy, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and maybe you’re getting a puppy as a Valentine’s gift or maybe you got one for Christmas, we have a chicken and brown rice for your puppy. We would recommend for this to be fed for your dog for up to a year of age and then we would transition them to one of the other diets.

We also have a large breed puppy diet as well. So this would be for dogs going to be over 75 pounds when fully mature. So, we’re going to put them on a large breed diet that’s more adjusted for their growth rate that we need to keep them maintaining.

But the other diet that I wanted to talk to you all real quick is going to be our Exclusive Performance. So, our Performance is a 30:20. It comes in a 35-pound bag. It’s very comparable to some of the other Performance diets that are out on the market that you might be familiar with. So, that’s going to be our Exclusive Performance diet down here. I would definitely recommend if you have a sporting dog, a field trying dog, or even some show dogs. But, it’s super high calorie for those dogs to take care of them as they’re very active and working dogs for you.