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May ’18May

Flea Treatment or Prevention Products are 10% off this week at Spring Creek Feed Center.  Save 10% on Flea Treatment or Prevention Products for dogs and cats May 20 through May 26, 2018.

spot on flea & tick

Fleas are not only a nuisance, they can also transmit deadly diseases to you and your cat or dog. If left unchecked, you can have a serious problem within your household. There are many options available for cat and dog owners to keep fleas at bay. Here are some of the most common ones used today.

Topical Medication

Flea and tick medications that you apply to your pet’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades or at the base of the neck, are called “spot-ons.” These popular products typically contain ingredients that repel and kill fleas and ticks as well as mosquitoes. The ingredients commonly found in these products include fipronil, methoprene, imidacloprid, permethrin, pyriproxyfen, and moxidectin.

Spot-on chemicals spread over the animal’s entire body, depositing into the sweat glands of the skin, where the active ingredient can be released over several weeks’ time. They are very convenient to use and will continue to work even if your cat or dog is bathed or goes swimming. There are precautions to take since these products can be toxic if ingested. If you have children or other pets in the home you will need to watch over or seclude your dog or cat until the product has dried in order to prevent children from getting it on their hands, or other pets from getting it in their mouths while grooming the treated pet.

Please note that you should seek your veterinarian’s advice if your cat or dog experiences any adverse reactions after being given a flea and tick control product. Read all labels carefully when choosing a flea and tick preventive, so that you find the best one for your pet. Use them only as instructed, and only for the type of animal (cat or dog) that is specified.

By Jennifer Kvamme, DVM

Sale valid May 20 through May 26, 2018.