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Natures Cafe Wild Bird Seed 15% Off

Jul ’17Jul

Natures Cafe Wild Bird SeedNatures Cafe Wild Bird Seed is 15% off the week of July 23rd at Spring Creek Feed Center. Pick up a 15 to 20 lb bag of Nature’s Cafe Bird seed and we’ll take 15% off each bag.

Nature’s Café provides only the best quality of natural foods for wild birds. With a vast array of seeds and blends for almost any wild bird species, feeding Nature’s Café is sure to attract more species of wild birds to your backyard. Nature’s Café seeds and blends can be used to fill any hopper, platform or tube feeder to attract beautiful, wild birds all throughout the year. Feeding wild birds has never been more enjoyable. Made in the USA.

All Nature’s Cafe seed mixes are:

  • Fresh, top quality seeds and blends
  • 100% edible mixes
  • No inexpensive fillers

Visit us Spring Creek Feed Center for Nature’s Cafe Wild Bird Seed!