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ThoroughBed White Pine Wood Shavings

Thoroughbed White Pine Wood ShavingsThoroughBed White Pine Wood Shavings are now available at Spring Creek Feed Center.  ThoroughBed White Pine shavings are light and fluffy flakes. Kiln dried, white pine shavings are highly screened to remove dust, super absorbent and provide a comfortable, soft bedding layer for your animals. Perfect for show pigs or young livestock that require extra absorbent bedding material.

Product Description:

  • Highly screened, light and fluffy flakes.
  • Beautiful wood shavings, very absorbent.
  • Manufactured from lightweight, soft, white pine.
  • Shavings are kiln-dried, then screened to remove dust.
  • Available in 12 cu. ft. bales compressed for easy handling.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone looking for a highly screened quality pine shavings.
  • Handlers who need a lightweight bale.
  • Animals requiring extra-absorbent bedding.