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Record Rack Golden Nuggets & Deer Blocks

Bigger racks are the result of combining superior nutrition with proven herd management knowledge. Record Rack® Deer & Elk Feeds offer a full line of products designed to maximize genetic potential right from the moment antler growth begins.

nutrena record rack nuggets Record Rack Golden Nugget Deer Nuggets are specially designed to attract and nourish deer with a unique nutrition-packed formula. Ideal for replacing deer corn.

• More protein for growth and antler development
• Durable nugget form for convenient spin feeding
• No waste or stopped – up feeders from corncobs and stalk trash
• Aflatoxin safe for all wildlife, including quail and other gamebird
• Wild berry scent and flavoring for enhanced consumption and appeal


nutrena deer blockRecord Rack Super Premium Deer Block is a nutritional supplement for deer in their native habitat. Designed with Record Rack® formula’s exclusive Optimum Performance Technology™, this mineral block is fortified with vitamins, minerals and extra protein for superior palatability.

  • 14% protein
  • Easy-to-feed 33 lb. block
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Irresistible wild berry flavor


Watch our video and learn where to feed Record Rack for maximum benefit. Pick up Record Rack Golden Nuggets, Record Rack Super Premium Deer Blocks and all your hunting feeds and supplies at Spring Creek Feed Center!