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Feed for Less with Spring Creek Feed!

January 2017 Specials

january_2017We’re kicking off the new year with fantastic savings on the things you need now including wild bird seed, horse feed, suet feeders and horse blankets. Enjoy month-long savings on Wrangler 12:8 Livestock Feed and Loyall Life Dog Food. Happy 2017 y’all.

The week of January 1st –  $2.50 off all Ball Caps

The week of January 8th –  $3 off Black Oil Sunflower Seeds 40 lb

The week of January 15th – $1 off Wendlands Horse Feed

 The week of January 22nd –  $2 off Large Suet Bird Feeders

 The week of January 29th –  15% off Horse Blankets

January month long specials:

Save $5 off Loyall Dog Food 20# AND $1 off Wrangler 12:8 Hi-Fat Horse Feed