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Fall Seed Plot Mixes

food plot mix

Spring Creek Feed Center offers three types of deer food plots mixes.  Cool season, winter food plots are typically planted in early to mid-September and are beneficial from October through April of the following year.

Rackmaster Elite is a unique cool season food plot seed mixture developed to attract whitetail deer, produce high yields and last for multiple years without replanting. NOW CONTAINS TROPHY RADISHES™

Rackmaster-Deluxe-Fall-Mixture-50lb-BagRackmaster Deluxe Fall Deer Mixtures contain many annual grasses mixed with annual legumes for attracting deer, quail, and turkey. These fall mixes are regionally developed to provide the best plantings your money can buy for your area. Regionally Developed

Super Buck Wildlife Food MixSuper Buck Wildlife Food brings deer right under your stand. It’s easily grown in this part of Texas and attracts deer and turkeys. One 40 lb bag covers one acre.