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Cajun Dragon Propane Firestarters At SCFC

cajun dragonCajun Dragon Propane Firestarters are available at Spring Creek Feed Center. If there is a need for a fire of any kind in the outdoors the Cajun Dragon will quickly do it. This propane fire starter works great for starting a fire in your fire pit, bonfire, BBQ pit, or smoker. Other uses include burning weeds, fields, brush piles, etc. It works well for cooking over which eliminates the need to have other appliances such as a portable gas stove. This device can also be used to cook over in your charcoal BBQ pit, simply slide into in the pit and start cooking.

Choose which size is best for you:

Cajun Dragon- “Deluxe” comes plug-n-play to a 5 lbs. or larger (typically  20lbs. household BBQ) propane cylinder. Perfect for use at home with a standard size propane tank.

Cajun Dragon- “Mini” comes plug-n-play to the small (green) 1lb. camping propane cylinder. This “Mini” will do everything the “Original” and “Deluxe” will do and is completely portable. Perfect for camping, tailgating, or a day at the lake.