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Bluebonnet Council Serama Chicken Show

Jul ’17
9:00 am

Join Spring Creek Feed Center and the Bluebonnet Serama Council for The Big Kahuna Serama Chicken Show on Saturday, July 29, 2017. Our show will begin at 9:00 am with check-in from 8:30. Deadline to enter and pay is July 26th.   Rosettes are awarded for champion and reserve champions, a class high point award.  An award platter will be presented to Best of Show Male and Female.

Seramas are the only breed of poultry shown Table Top; each bird on its own small table, no cages, and no handling. The birds are encouraged to show off their conformation, character, and attitude before the judge. Table top shows consist of multiple tiers of judging. Tier I uses a scorecard for type, chest, tail, wings, legs, appearance, character, and performance. Only the top scoring birds move on to Tier II and above, where they are judged based on a comparison of performance and type. SCNA Table top shows are fast moving, energetic, and action-packed. There is no other chicken show that can compare!

Not showing, no problem! Come out and play Chicken Bingo.  It’s a whole lot of fun for the entire family!

For more information call 979-665 -5757 or email  Lcasey.waldrop@gmail.com.