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20% off Select Equine Grooming Supplies


Save 20% off equine grooming supplies June 23 through June 29, 2019, at Spring Creek Feed Center.

Spring Creek Feed is giving you 20% off on select equine grooming supplies for a limited time only. Horses have a natural instinct for grooming themselves and while they know when to shake off the dust, there are parts of their bodies they can’t reach and can only get so clean. This is where they need your help. Just as you want to make sure your horse(s) is properly fed and exercised you need to start regularly grooming them as well. Ideally, you should groom your horse daily and Equine Grooming Suppliesboth before and after a ride. Besides removing dust and dirt, grooming tools help you spot cuts, bug bites, infections, or other red flags.

But more than anything else, a grooming session brings you closer to your horse. Taking good care of your equine friend by giving them a thorough clean will allow you to share time together, and make both of you feel great. We offer the best of equine grooming tools and supplies and during the week of June 23rd, 2019 Spring Creek Feed offers 20% of select equine grooming supplies. Get those hooves clean and that coat perfectly shiny by treating your horse to some new grooming tools today.