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Fussie Cat Market Fresh Cat Food – FREE 2# Bag

Mar ’17Mar

Pick up Fussie Cat brand cat food at Spring Creek Feed Center.  During the month of March, bring in your empty bag of cat food* and we’ll give you a FREE 2 lb bag of Fussie Cat, Market Fresh Cat Food. 

fussie catFussie Cat sets itself apart from other cat food brands by following a “meat first” philosophy. Cats need high levels of protein not just to thrive, but to survive and that is why all of Fussie Cat’s recipes are made with fresh meat or fish as the main ingredient. Furthermore, Fussie Cat believes in “physiologically tuned” nutrition for cats – that means that their recipes are formulated to meet the exact nutritional needs of cats using quality ingredients. Fussie Cat’s formulas are designed to mimic the proportions and quality of an ancestral diet for wild cats. Simply put, Fussie Cat’s products are cat food the way nature intended.

*Empty bag cannot be a brand that Spring Creek Feed Center currently sells.

Sale promotion valid March 1 through March 31, 2017 at Spring Creek Feed Center.