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MicroLife Organic Fertilizer Savings

May ’17Jun

Pick up  MicroLife Organic Fertilizer in the 7# jug and SAVE 10% the week of May 28th at Spring Creek Feed Center. 

microlife organic fertilzerChoose from the following varieties of MicroLife All Organic Fertilizer in the 7# jug:

  • MicroLife Azalea 6-2-4
    • Outstanding nutrition for Azalea, Roses and all plants growing in high pH environments.
  • MicroLife Citrus & Fruit 6-2-4
    • For years MicroLife Multi-purpose 6-2-4 has been the standard for Citrus and Fruit growers and still is.
  • MicroLife Vegetables & Flowers 8-4-6
    • Multi-purpose for all Perennials, Flowers, and Vegetables
  • MicroLife 6-2-4
    • Multi-purpose for all Turfgrasses, Ornamentals, Perennials, Flowers and Vegetables

MicroLife Organic Fertilizer and amendments are the best performing fertilizers and amendments made. MicroLife products use only the most nutritious and natural products possible. We are constantly searching the world for the latest in technology and ingredients so you always get optimum performing Organic fertilizers and amendments. MicroLife fertilizer and amendments are made right here in Houston, Texas by San Jacinto Environmental Supplies.

Stop by Spring Creek Feed Center in Magnolia, Texas, for MicroLife Organic Fertilizers and all your lawn and garden needs. Whether you’re looking for organic or synthetic lawn care products, we’ve got what you need. Let our experts help you achieve a beautiful, weed-free lawn this year.

Sale prices valid May 28 through June 3, 2017, at Spring Creek Feed Center.