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Weekly Specials

Flower Pots For Outdoor Planting 20% Off

Save 20% off Flower Pots including our ceramic glazed pickle pots, the week of July 30th, at Spring Creek Feed Center. ...

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Fly Spray Savings 10% Off

Fly Spray is 10% off the week of June 25th at Spring Creek Feed Center.  Your fly control needs change depending on ...

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John Deere Hats For Men & Women 20% Off

John Deere Hats are 20% off the week of July 3rd at Spring Creek Feed Center. Save on our entire selection ...

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Fly Control Masks $2 off

Fly Control Masks are 15% off the week of July 9th at Spring Creek Feed Center.  Fly control masks offer great ...

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Diatomaceous Earth 20% Off

Diatomaceous Earth is 20% off the week of July 16th at Spring Creek Feed Center. Pick up a 10-pound bag of ...

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